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The Claims Process….

The team at Insurance Claims Solutions will assist you through the process of lodging your insurance claim. There can be lengthy paperwork that needs to be completed and provided to the Insurance company, along with medical reports, employer statement and any other supporting documentation that may assist your claim.

The first step in the process is to ascertain if you have the relevant insurance cover and meet the definition of your policy’s definitions. To do this, you will meet with one of our specialist team members who will sit with you and discuss your personal circumstances surrounding your intention to lodge a claim. You will also need to bring a copy of your insurance policy. If you are unable to provide your policy, we will obtain a copy of the policy document on your behalf.

the claims process

Once the team at Insurance Claims Solutions has reviewed the insurance policy document and have confirmed you have insurance cover, we will notify the insurance provider that we wish to lodge a claim.

The insurance provider will then send the claim pack containing all the required claim forms that need to be completed to Insurance Claims Solutions.

The Claims Process Pack Includes:

  • Claim Form (this can sometimes be quite lengthy)
  • Treating Doctor’s Report.
  • Employer Statement etc.

All of this can seem quite overwhelming. We at are here to support you through the entire claim process including assisting you in completing and gathering the required documentation to lodge your claim.

Once the claim has been lodged with your insurance provider a Claims Manager will be allocated to your case. This is who we, at Insurance Claims Solutions, will liaise with on your behalf during your insurance claim assessment.

We will work with the insurance provider to ensure your claim is progressing whilst providing regular updates to you, therefore allowing you the time to concentrate on your health without any additional stress.

Sometimes the process can be quite lengthy and stressful, it all depends on the complexity of your claim and if you meet all the criteria.

To find out more about the claims process or if you believe you have a potential claim, please call us today.